(Bushong, G)  TET  Heavenly Pink Fang x White Fang
16" M Dormant    5" 3-4 way branching  15-20 buds.  Fertile both ways.
Unlike tall flowers that attract your attention from across the garden Lemon Raspberry
Delight  waits until you walk up to it before it springs its wonderous blooms on
you.  The flowers are a raspberry red with a green throat merging into a yellow green
eyezone.  The edge is near white and yellow with numerous teeth on the petals and sepals.
Though the scapes are short they are all top branched and a lot of the flowers open "up".
Planted on the border of your flower bed it makes a nice suprise when you walk past it.
The photo on the right shows some extra toothy petals that emerge from the center of
the flower.  It doesn't produce these extra petals every time but they are unusual
enough to consider. . ........$200 SOLD OUT