(Bushong, G)  TET  ((Kaskel Sdlg X Heavenly Star Fire) X
(Webster's Red Knight X Mr Lucky) X Megatron
40" E Dormant  6" Flower 6 way branching  22-25 buds.  Fertile both ways.
Amazing Red Dawn is in bloom for me by mid June.  ARD is a pinkish shade
of red with a dark wine red eye.The chartreuse throat makes a great accent
to the rest of the flower.  The ruffled edges of the petals and sepals and the
curling of them just add to the lovelyness of it.  Its height and
and color make it a real stand-out in the early garden season.
I did not register it as a rebloomer but in a well irrigated garden
it will rebloom.  Supplies limited ...$100